Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Sunday NIght Adventure Club this Sunday! 17th September..

First i wanted to say thank you so much if you came to see my show in edinburgh!
Here's a message to say that some people's favourite stand up club is back, The Sunday Night Adventure Club is ON! We've got four shows planned before Christmas and they are going to be better than ever....

The first one is This sunday (17th sept).
The theme is Punk and DIY, but not in a rubbish way like someone's auntie coming to a party dressed as a punk, in a good way. Full of excitements!
We have: Wil Hodgson (winner of the perrier best newcomer award before it went downhill), Matthew Paul Crosby, Lloyd "the boy" Langford, Caroline Clifford and Holly Walsh and Robin Ince, as well as Martin White on the accordion.
And Me, Josie "appalling" Long on the old M.C.
AND the house band, the back to the future three.
AND AND live onstage applique for the first time in history.
Games! Presents! Surprises!
Joy and innocence and sincerity! remember those? Come and have some while were still young.
The show starts at 7.30pm so get there early, it is £5 to get in,and it is at the abc cafe in crystal palace (check out for directions) you can buy lovely food there too.

come! enjoy yourselves! come!

i'll tell you about others soon too, we have some great themes sorted out but we haven't booked the headliners yet so i'm going to wait.
Suffice to say future dates are:
Oct 22, Nov 19, dec 10.


Blogger Lucy Stevenson said...

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12:52 AM  
Blogger Lucy Stevenson said...

Hi Josie,

I just found your blog from (but the link is wrong - you might want to fix that). Saw a review of your show in the Guardian and wanted to come and see you but the only night I can make - Thursday is sold out. Hope to get to see you soon at some other show.


12:54 AM  
Blogger AnJaka said...

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see you again, Josie

5:54 AM  
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Blogger Dupa Jasia said...

5:28 AM  
Blogger Jordana and the Panther said...

hey Josie, an ex newstead wood student who recognised you in skins, just been reading up about you and wanted to say well done with all you have achieved! good luck and i'll be hoping to see one of your shows one day!

1:02 PM  

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