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Kindness and Exuberance. Previews for my edinburgh show.


I’m taking an hour long show up to Edinburgh for the first time this August. I’ve got a title, it is going to be called: Kindness and Exuberance. Or Exuberance and Kindness, I can’t remember which way round I put it in the brochure entry and I can’t work out which one is best. I think it’s about how I think those two things are the ideal things to be when approaching your life. I’ve got some ideas and hopefully it won’t be all bad.
I’m doing some previews, some of which are at theatres and some of which are in rooms above pubs. Perhaps you would like to see it?*

Here are the dates:

15th – My show is at 7.30pm, at Round Table on the 15th May from 8.p.m 25-27 st.martin's court nxt Leicester Square Tube. It’s FREE. Imagine! And then after there’s a show by Rob Deb, which is about comic books, and we all love them, so stick around and laugh and all.

22nd – The same set up as the 15th, right down to everything. Except hopefully my show will be a week better. Imagine!

5th – This is my big preview at a lovely theatre that I’ve always wanted to preview at. If you’re going to come to one then please come to this one. It is at the Old Red Lion Theatre, right by angel tube. It is £5 to get in but for that you get to see my show and Luke Wright’s show. He is a performance poet, but in a good way. The show starts at 7pm I think, it might be 7.30 but hey if you get there early you can sit with me in one of the booths in the pub downstairs as I try frantically to weave pearls out of my swiny ideas. Would you believe “swiny” is being queried by my computer’s spellchecker?

****new one****
12th at the bath house, with the magnificent Andrew o neill's show too. It's on Dean Street in soho. I guess show up at 7.45. do it!

19th – Perhaps you live in the Leamington area and want to come and see a preview but don’t want to pay the ridiculous Leamington to London fares on Tony Blair’s This gig i don't know the name of but it’s a night run by my friend Tom Hughes, who is ever so nice. I'll find the information out nearer the time.

21st – The show is at 7.30pm at the Bath House, Dean Street, Soho. It is a joint bill with Pappy’s Fun Club, my favourite mid twenties skit crew, and also I think Grip Right Swing Right, my favourite teen rock joint. I don’t know how much it costs but it can’t be much. For more informations look at:

30th– The Rosemary Branch Theatre, Islington. I don’t know when I am on but there are two shows, an early and a late. I think it is £5 to get in. it will be lovely. Come along.


3rd. Happy Mondays, New Cross. It's an awesome club at the amersham arms and i'll be doing a preview of my show with applomb. come along.

12th – I am doing my preview at The Laughing Horse, Camden, which is nearest to Camden Town or Mornington Crescent tube stations. I think the show starts at 8pm and is £4. But I’m not totally sure. If it’s any more I’ll pay the difference. There will be other stuff on at the show, not just my stuff. So if you hate or are indifferent to my comedy then why not come to this one?

19th – Another Bath House Dean Street Smasher of a Show with Pappy’s and GRSR.
Hotttt Stuff.

21st –I am doing a preview show at the Horsbridge arts centre in Whitstable, I think it will start between seven and 8pm and be reasonably priced. It is a lovely place so it should be a good show too.

23rd – The Sunday Night Adventure Club! Yeah, I’m taking over my club even more than usual to do a preview there. It will be fun, then after me there will be accordion from Martin White and then a set from Manchester’s awesome Daniel Nightingale. He is really excellent, we did a show together last year and I still laughed at him after 30 days straight. Because he is funny.

30th- At the laughing horse richmond. It's near richmond tube and it should be lovely. look in time out for details if you'd like.

Q: I’ve heard a lot about these previews, but what can they do for me? Will I enjoy them?
A: yes.

Q: Will they help me overcome my financial and personal problems and limitations?
A: Yes.

Q: Will they help those of my Spouse(s):
A: Yes.

Q: What if I don’t like them?
A: Yes.

So I hope that has cleared up and further questions you had about the show’s details.

*please come.


Blogger Grant Edmunds said...


fuk yes

luv grant

6:26 AM  
Blogger skif said...

As a lover of dramatically hirsuite top-lips, I am thinking that getting hold of your delightful fanzine is the way forward.

If you could email me at skif@vanityproject.co.uk to let me know how I might go about this.

Best of luck with the Edinburgh show! Saw last years split single at the Cafe Royal (the finest Fringe venue, for sure) and will hopefully be able to

6:27 AM  
Blogger skif said...

...lets finish that thought

hopefully will be able to get to this years offering.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Duniya said...

Brie or Camembert? Discuss.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Dazed said...

I tried to post a request, but accidentally put it on my own blog ,www.wossgooinon.blogspot.com
You can now actively ignore me, whilst knowing where to find me.

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