Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My gig list, why don't you come and see my unreliable comedy

for more information or details about these gigs i would check or as a rule everything starts about 8 ish and is quite cheap. they are subject to change, sorry. x x
Gigs in June:

Jun 21,Wed
Edinburgh preview with Pappy's Fun Club, bath house, soho
Jun 22, Thu
99 club new material
Jun 23,Fri
reading book club tour
Jun 25, Sun
99 club leicester square
Jun 26,Mon
theatre royal, stratford, twenty minutes.
Jun 28,Wed
book club
Jun 29,Thu
the o.k club: it's at the garage in highbury and islington
Jun 30,Fri
Edinburgh Preview, rosemary Branch Theatre, Islington

Gigs in july:
Jul 3, Mon,
Happy Mondays, New cross, Edinburgh Preview
Jul 5,Wed
Troy club 10 mins
Jul 6,Thu
cheese and crackers variety night, london
Jul 7,Fri
comedian's graveyard, london
July 10, Mon,
Wil hodgson's gig, Chippenham
Jul 11,Tue
book club, battersea arts centre
Jul 12,Wed
99 club,london. PLUS laughing horse camden edinburgh preview

Jul 14-16
the book club at the LATITUDE FESTIVAL IN A TENT! how cool is this?

Jul 19,Wed
Edinburgh preview, bath house soho
Jul 20,Thu
99 club, london; Comedy court edinburgh preview
Jul 21,Fri
Preview, Whistable, Horsbridge
Jul 23,Sun
sunday night adventure club - edinburgh preview
Jul 24,Mon
20 minutes, leicester square (not sure where right now, sorry)
Jul 26,Wed
book club
Jul 27,Thu
the o.k club at the boogaloo.
Jul 30,Sun
laughing horse richmond, edinburgh preview.
Jul 31,Mon
20 minutes, camden head, angel islington.


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